Wednesday, October 26, 2011

School note October 27th


Dear parents,

                   I wish to bring the following to your attention.

Every family in the school this week received a letter from the Chairman of the Board of Management concerning arrangements for the election of parent nominees to the new Board which will take up office on December 1st .2011. If you did not receive such a letter, please contact the school on Friday. The meeting will take place on Wednesday December 9th. at 8.45 p.m.

Due to the school being used as a polling station tomorrow, the Halloween fancy dress celebrations went ahead today. There was wonderful colour and pageantry in evidence. Well done to the boys and girls in Sixth Class who decorated the Halla and restored it to its original state so that everything is in readiness for polling tomorrow.

On Friday October 28th, the pupils from First to Sixth classes will participate in World Board Games Day from 1 to 3 p.m.  It is surprising the number of pupils who do not know how to play Ludo, Monopoly, Snakes and Ladders, Draughts etc. At the moment Mrs Dillon teaches Board Games to interested children during lunch break. In order to build up our stock of Board Games we would ask each child in the participating classes to bring €2 on Friday to be used to buy additional sets.

Maths Week was a great success last week. I would like to thank all the teachers for their work in this area.

Our Under 13 football final which was scheduled for Tuesday was postponed due to the waterlogged pitch. It will now be played on either November 9th. or 10th. , weather permitting.

School reopens after midterm break on Monday November 7th.



J. Lyons


Friday, October 21, 2011

Problem of the Day Friday

Problem of the Day Friday


Mary, Cian and Paul went picking apples.  Mary picked twice as many as Paul. Cian picked 10 more than Mary. Paul picked 40 apples.

How many apples did Cian pick?

How many apples did Mary pick?

Thursday, October 20, 2011

School note Oct 20th


Dear parents,

                    I wish to bring the following to your attention.

The Recycling Day in aid of the Parents Association will go ahead tomorrow, Friday. Clothes, shoes etc to be dropped into the Halla by 10 a.m. Old mobile phones also accepted.

                   I wish to remind parents once again that the school will be closed for all pupils on Thursday next October 27th as the school is required as a polling station.

As a result of this, the Hallowe'en fancy dress will go ahead on Wednesday next October 26th. Sixth Class decorate the hall on the previous day.

                 The term of office of the current Board of Management expires on November 30th.2011. Please note that all families will receive a letter by post next week with information re the election of parent nominees to the new Board.

                Parking is still an issue. Some parents/ minders are parking in the area between the Car Park and the Staff Car Park, especially on wet days. This means that children on their way to the Car Park have to walk around cars moving in all directions. Safety of pupils is my only concern. 

             Third Class pupils have just finished a 6 week programme with John Clancy of Cycling Safety Ireland. Every child in the class is now able to cycle and has received training in road safety. This is an excellent programme and we are lucky to have Mr Clancy's expertise at our disposal.

            Well done to the Under 13 girls football team who reached the semi-final of the City Cumann na mBunscol league. Best wishes to the boys Under 13 team who play the Model School tomorrow in their semi final. Training for 3rd and 4th class boys continues with Mr Sheehy.

Maths Week is proving a great success. Pupils in all classes are busy doing Maths trails while the Problem of the Day is providing a challenge for all. The Problem of the Day may be seen on


Gach dea ghuí,




J. Lyons


Problem of the Day Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday

Problem of the Day  Monday


A toy and a comic cost a total of €5. The toy costs € 4 more than the comic.


How much does the comic cost? 

Problem of the Day Tuesday


One orange and 2 apples cost 50 c.


One apple and 2 oranges cost 40 c.


How much does an apple cost?


Problem of the Day Wednesday


How much are 3 magazines worth if 2 magazines are worth as much as 5 comics, and a comic costs 30 cent?




Problem of the Day Thursday


Whenever Mr Lyons has visitors everybody shakes hands with everybody else.

Yesterday, Mrs Green, Mr. Browne and Mr. White arrived to meet him at 3 p.m.


How many handshakes were made?


Friday, October 7, 2011

School note Oct 6th 2011


Dear Parents,

Second Class travelled to Currachase yesterday as part of tree Week activities. A busy morning collecting leaves, acorns etc was greatly enjoyed by all. The highlight was a sighting of a squirrel in the woods.

The Parents Association will be holding their next recycling day on Fri Oct 21st, all old clothes, shoes, bed linen are accepted. Bags will be issued next week.  Any old mobile phones will also be accepted.

Please note that the school will be required as a polling station on Thursday October 27th.  and will be closed to pupils as a result.

Some families have not returned permission slips for school related outings such as Music in the Classroom, Limerick City Sports etc. Please check in case you did not receive a form.

Today, Ms Margaret Walsh visited the school to introduce the 'Pitch for Shane' project, in memory of the late Shane Geoghegan. Shane was a pupil in this school. Margaret delivered bags of clay which will be used to make figures to be displayed along with thousands of others in Limerick City Hall in November. All children from Third to Sixth classes will get an opportunity to make a clay figure.

Gach dea-ghuí,



J. Lyons