Thursday, October 24, 2013


Well done to all involved with the Ballybrown NS Under 13 boys football team who brought the McInerney Cup to Ballybrown today, defeating Kildimo NS in the Gaelic Gounds.

School note October 24th. 2013



Dear parents,

                    I wish to bring the following to your attention.

                     The school's Halloween fancy dress party will go ahead tomorrow October 25th. Sixth Class decorated the Halla today.  As a Green School, home-made costumes made from Recycled Material are recommended.

                      Third Class pupils have just finished a 6 week programme with John Clancy of Cycling Safety Ireland. Every child in the class is now able to cycle and has received training in road safety. This is an excellent programme and we are lucky to have Mr Clancy's expertise at our disposal.

                         Swimming classes for Fifth Class in Askeaton Leisure Centre will start on Wednesday November 6th for a six-week block.

                          The Recycling Day in aid of the Parents Association will go ahead tomorrow, Friday October 25th. Clothes, shoes etc to be dropped inside the front gate by 9.30 a.m. No phones or duvets, please. If it is raining tomorrow, please bring bags to Reception.

                             It is a very busy time of year on the sporting front. Today, the Under 13 boys football team had a great victory in the City Final v Kildimo NS. Well done to all teachers and players on a great achievement. On Tuesday November 5th, over 50 children will take part in the Limerick Cross Country Championships in Rathkeale.

                               Ballybrown GAA are seeking entries for the 2013 Scór na nÓg competitions in rince fóirne, rince seit, instrumental music, question time, recitation /storytelling. Interested?  Contact Evelyn Adams 087 2211804 before Nov 4th.

                      School will reopen after midterm break on Monday November 4th.

Gach dea ghui,



J. Lyons


Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Under 13 football final

Ballybrown NS play Kildimo NS in the Gaelic Grounds on Thursday October 24th. at 10 a.m. in the Limerick City Cumann na mBunscol Under 13 boys football final. Please note change of venue.

There will be a bus to bring all children from 4th. 5th and 6th classes to support the team. The bus will leave at 9.30 a.m.

In order to defray the cost of the bus, a €3 donation per child is requested. Pupils return to school straight after the match. It is expected that we will be back at school by 11.30 a.m. Supporters are free to wear green and white for this occasion.

Please contact the school as soon as possible if your child is not travelling to the match as we need to finalise numbers.

J. Lyons



Monday, October 21, 2013

Under 13 football Final

The Cumann na mBunscol Under 13 B football final will now take place on Thursday October 24th. in UL all weather facility at 10 a.m.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Problem of the Day Friday



Problem of the Day


                                                  Friday October 18th. 2013.


Rang a haon agus a dó


Fill in the next 3 numbers in the sequence

3, 6, 9, -, -, -,


2, 5, 8, -,-,-,


20, 40, 60, -, -, -,


1, 3, 5, -,-,-,


Third and Fourth Classes


If December 1st, 2013 falls on a Sunday, on which day of the week will these days fall?

Christmas Day 2013?

St Stephen's Day 2013?

New Year's Day 2014?

We return to school on the first Monday of 2014. What date is that?


Rang a cúig agus a sé


There are three brothers in the Jones family. Their names are Bobby, John and Michael.  Bobby is the heaviest. John is the lightest. Bobby weighs 30 kg. more than Michael. Michael weighs 50 kg more than John.

Find the weight of each man.


Jim and Jack have €12 in total. Jim has three times as much as Jack.

How much money has each boy?


Thursday, October 17, 2013

Problem of the Day Thursday



Problem of the Day


                                                  Thursday October 17th. 2013.


Rang a haon agus a dó


There are 9 rabbits in a petshop. The owner has 36 carrots. He shares them equally. How many carrots does each rabbit get?

If he counted all the rabbits’ ears and all their legs, and added them together, what answer will he get?


Third and Fourth Classes


Would you be more likely to buy a kilogram of sausages or a kilometre of sausages? Why?

One tenth of a number is 20. What is half the number?


Rang a cúig agus a sé


4/7 of the children in a school are boys. If there are 280 boys, how many girls are there? How many pupils in the school?


School note October 17th 2013


Dear parents,

                   I wish to bring the following to your attention.

                   Confirmation of pupils in 5th.and 6th classes will take place in Ballybrown Church on Thursday April 3rd 2014. at 1 p.m.

The Minister for Education has decided not to increase the pupil teacher ratio. This is good news for schools like Ballybrown NS where classes are already large. I would like to express my gratitude to all parents who made representations to local T.D's., either by letter, email or attending clinics. There are already over 50 children on the list of applicants for a place in the Junior Infants class in 2014.

                 On Monday and Tuesday, we had a visit from Exploration Dome Planetarium. All classes enjoyed the experience as Martin Conroy and his staff put on different shows to cater for all age groups. The reaction from all classes, pupils and teachers, was overwhelmingly positive. Martin made a point of remarking how interested the children were in the planetarium and praising all classes for their excellent behaviour. Such feedback is always welcome.

                 This is Maths Week and classes are involved in a range of activities, including Manga High, Maths games, Numero, Problem of the Day etc. The Problem of the Day is on the website

              Congratulations to our under 13 boys football team who have reached the City final. Today, the Under 13 girls team play in their semi- final v Milford NS. All finals are scheduled for Wednesday 23rd October in the Gaelic Grounds.

                On Friday, October 25th., the Parents Association has organised a Recycling Day. Bring unwanted clothes, sheets, towels, handbags etc. No phones or duvets, please. Please leave bags by the main gate on Friday morning.  All items will be collected by 10 a.m.

        Please see overleaf for some Community announcements.


Gach dea-ghuí



J. Lyons













The National Parents Council has organised an anti- Bullying programme for parents of primary and post-primary children.. The Limerick session takes place in the South Court Hotel, Raheen next Monday October 7.30 p.m. and lasts for two hours. Booking online at


Community Games: Our annual Halloween Party will take place on Thurs Oct 31st at Ballybrown GAA clubhouse from 7-9.30 pm for all Primary School and preschool children . Tickets on sale in school on Fri @ 5 euro. Ghoulish fun for all with games and prizes and a chance to dress up in Halloween costumes. All welcome.

Ballybrown GAA Juvenile & Camogie Clubs Fundraiser :  Social Night organised for Friday 1st November in the GAA Clubhouse, 8:30pm 'til late. Bring your own Food & Drink & we'll provide the entertainment – Tables of 8 = €100.  Music by Night Owls

For tickets & further information please contact :

Dave Dooley 087-6391983 / Denis Healy 085-1029936 / Majella Byrnes 087 6789433 / Evelyn Adams 087 2211804


Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Problem of the Day Wednesday October 16th. 2013

Problem of the Day


                                                  Wednesday October 16th. 2013.


Rang a haon agus a dó


If a boy ate 6 grapes every morning, how many would he eat in a week?


A girl bought 3 apples for 20 cent each and 2 oranges for 30 cent each. She had 80 cent left. How much money had she when she entered the shop?



Third and Fourth Classes


A cup of tea costs €1. A latte costs €1.50. How much for two teas and two lattes? How much change would you have left if you started with €10.

Which is dearer 4 lattes or 5 teas?



Rang a cúig agus a sé


75% of the children in Sixth Class have pets. 24 children have pets. How many children in the class?

Megan has 6 coins. One third of her coins are 10c coins. The value of the 10 cent coins is equal to 1/8 of the total value of all her coins. What coins has she?








Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Problem of the Day Tuesday October 15th.

Problem of the Day


                                                  Tuesday October 15th. 2013.


Rang a haon agus a dó


Write the following as numerals


Nine hundred and nine


Seven hundred and seventy


Seven hundred and seven


Three hundred and thirteen




Third and Fourth Classes

There are 31 days in October 2013. Today is Tuesday October 15th.

How many Tuesdays are there in this month?

How many Mondays are there in October 2013?

Which days of the week occur five times in October 2013?




Rang a cúig agus a sé


Dylan saved €40. His friend Alan has saved 70% of this amount. Their friend John saved 75% as much as Alan.

How much money has John saved?








Monday, October 14, 2013

Problem of the Day Monday October 14th.2013





Problem of the Day


                                                  Monday October 14th. 2013.


Rang a haon agus a dó


Eamon de Valera was born on October 14th. 1882.


What age would he be if he were alive today?


He was Taoiseach from 1932 to 1948. For how many years was he Taoiseach?


He was President from 1959 until he retired 14 years later. In which year did he retire?




Third to Sixth Classes


There are 210 marbles in a bag. There are twice as many blue marbles as red marbles. There are ten more yellow marbles than blue marbles.

How many marbles of each colour are in the bag?


Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Mobile Planetarium visit to Ballybrown NS


Dear parents,

                    Next week this school will host a visit from the Exploration Dome, a mobile Planetarium where children can learn about the Solar System. It will be based in the school for two days, Monday & Tuesday October 14th and 15th. There is a special reduced price available to schools for the month of October.  Cost per child is €3. Please give the money to your child's class teacher.

                    A visit by Exploration Dome counts as a "Step2: Invite a Science Speaker to your school" for the Award of Science & Maths Excellence with Discover Primary Science & Maths.

                Further information is available on

J. Lyons