Thursday, November 8, 2018

School Note November 8th 2018


Dear parents,

                       There are now more children attending this school than ever before. In total, almost 300 children pass through the gate every morning. There is plentiful parking in the Church grounds as well as in the Resource Centre Car Park provided that parents do not delay unduly when bringing their children to school. Parents who linger in the school grounds are taking up valuable parking spaces. In the case of younger children, there is no need for parents to linger in the playground. Both play areas are supervised every morning from 9.a.m.  Children need to learn to play independently.  Please respect the need for Bus, Disabled and Staff parking.

                      Fourth class enjoyed the first of six swimming lessons in Askeaton Leisure Centre yesterday. The children in Third class will take swimming lessons when we return from Christmas holidays.

                 All families received Code of Conduct notes this week. Please read these with your children and sign the last page before returning the signed page to the school. Our motto in regard to good behaviour is summed up in four words: Be Nice To Everyone.

              The Parents Association met on Tuesday night in the school. Creena O' Connor, Secretary, has sent me an update on their activities which is printed below this note.

           Book Fair - The Book Fair will take place on Thursday November 15th and Friday November 16th this year. Books will be available for viewing by all classes on Thursday November 15th.

            Parent-teacher meetings: If there are any parents who were unable to attend parent-teacher meetings in October, please contact the school to arrange an appointment.

           MPCC Credit Union will visit the school tomorrow morning and the first Friday of each month.


Gach dea-ghuí, 

J. Lyons 


Parents Association News


The Parents Association met on Tuesday in the school.  


1              The annual Book Fair is taking place on the 15th and 16th November in the School Hall. The times are as detailed below. We are looking for volunteers to help with each time slot if you are available please or text 0872961007, your help would be appreciated.



Thursday 15th November

2pm to 4pm

7.30pm to 9pm


Friday 16th November

8.50am to 9.15am

2pm to 4pm


2              Please note contact details for your class representative, your class rep facilitates the social interaction among families in the school community:


Junior Infants

Daniel Hogan

Seniors Infants

Caroline Sheehan

1st Class

Simon Goble

2nd Class

Patricia Coughlan

3rd Class

Christine Hennessy

4th Class

Deirdre Cantillon Mann

5th Class

Ann O'Brien

6th Class

Carmel Kearney


3              A WhatsApp group is being set up for Junior Infants to help the parents to get to know each other and also to help with organising social events amongst the parents and children. If you are interested in joining please contact your class rep Daniel Hogan on 087-2643081



Regards and thanks

Creena O'Connor

Secretary Parents Association





Thursday, October 25, 2018

School note Thursday October 25th


Dear parents,

                     Parent-teacher meetings took place on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week. There was almost 100% attendance. Communication between home and school is a vital element of the education process.

                       The Halloween Fancy Dress is one of the most keenly anticipated dates in the school calendar. Today, the playground is a sea of colour. The range of costumes is breathtaking. Fifth and Sixth classes are coordinating the Disco and Active School circuits. No mean feat! Thanks to Ms Gibbons and Mr Barry for coordinating this.

                  Last week, our girls football team won the final of the Limerick City Cumann na mBunscol competition in the Gaelic Grounds. It was a thrilling game and the supporters added greatly to the atmosphere on a memorable day. Special thanks to team coaches Ms Gibbons and Ms Quane.

            Fifth Class children have completed a six-week programme with John and Kieran from Cycling Safety School. It was very worthwhile.

            Fourth class begin a six-week swimming module on Wednesday November 7th in Askeaton Leisure Centre. Third Class will have swimming lessons after Christmas.

                The school's Parents Association has donated €700 to the school to buy another level of books for  Literacy Lift Off. This is a very generous gesture and will be of great benefit to the school.

           Please remember to check the school website or follow us on Twitter @BallybrownNS

School closes today at 3 p.m. for midterm and reopens on Monday November 5th.


Gach dea-ghuí,

J. Lyons


Friday, October 19, 2018

Problem of the Day

Problem of the Day

Friday October 18th. 2018


Rang a haon agus a dó:


Name 2 shapes that cannot roll.


A farmer had 24 cows in his herd on Monday. He bought 12 more at the mart on Tuesday, sold 10 on Wednesday and bought 5 more on Thursday. When he came home from the mart on Friday, he had 40 cows. How many did he buy on Friday?



Rang a trí agus a ceathar


Peter had €40. He spent a quarter of his money on toys and €12 on DVD's. How much money had he left?


The score in the 1971 Munster Final was:

Limerick 4-16: Tipperary 3-18.


Which team won? By how many points?

How many goals and points were scored in total?

How many years ago was 1971? If John was 9 years old in 1971, what age is he now?



Rang a cúig agus a sé


Mark has 6 coins. One third of his coins are 10c coins. The value of the 10c coins is equal to 1/8 of the total value of all the coins. What coins has he? How much money has he in total?


An orange and 2 apples cost €1. An apple and 2 oranges cost 80c. How much does an apple cost? How much does an orange cost?




A football team won two games more than it lost. If it won 3/5 of all its games, how many games did it play?