Thursday, October 20, 2011

Problem of the Day Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday

Problem of the Day  Monday


A toy and a comic cost a total of €5. The toy costs € 4 more than the comic.


How much does the comic cost? 

Problem of the Day Tuesday


One orange and 2 apples cost 50 c.


One apple and 2 oranges cost 40 c.


How much does an apple cost?


Problem of the Day Wednesday


How much are 3 magazines worth if 2 magazines are worth as much as 5 comics, and a comic costs 30 cent?




Problem of the Day Thursday


Whenever Mr Lyons has visitors everybody shakes hands with everybody else.

Yesterday, Mrs Green, Mr. Browne and Mr. White arrived to meet him at 3 p.m.


How many handshakes were made?