Thursday, October 18, 2012

Problem of the Day Thursday

Problem of the Day

Thursday October 18th. 2012.



Rang a haon agus a dó


Wayne Rooney scored 28 goals last season, Robin Van Persie scored 33 and Fernando Torres scored 14. How many did the three players score in total?

Which player scored exactly twice as many as another?

How many more did Van Persie score than Rooney?



Rang a Trí agus a Ceathar

Mary thought of a number and multiplied it by 8. She then added 4 before dividing by 6.She multiplied it by 10 and took away 4. She ended up with 56. What number did she start with?


Rang a cúig agus a sé


A football team won 2 more games than it lost. If it won 3/5 of all its games, how many games did the team play?