Thursday, February 7, 2013

School note February 7th 2013



Dear parents,

                    I wish to bring the following to your attention.

                     The Board of Management of the school invited the officers of the Parents Association to meet with them on Tuesday night to discuss issues of concern to parents and to discuss how the Parents Association can work with the Board for the good of the school. It was a very worthwhile meeting. It is intended that such a meeting will take place annually, at the first Board meeting of each calendar year.

                    Thank you to all the parents who completed the survey on Maths. About 60% of families replied. The thought and effort that went in to many of the responses is most gratifying. Ms Hayes has been sifting through the forms and we will use the responses to shape our school policy on Numeracy. The school has recently purchased a set of books on teaching fractions for classes from First to Sixth.

                      Congratulations to the Sixth Class pupils. All 31 have received places in the secondary school of their choice. They will shortly be embarking on a new phase in their lives.

                     Mrs Hodgins, who is the Green Schools Co-ordinator, is busy preparing the school’s submission for our second Green Flag. The theme for this flag is Energy. Our submission involves the entire school community as we have been monitoring energy usage over a two year period.

              Last Friday, which was St Bridget’s Day, the children in Ms Day’s class had a visit from a thatcher, Mr Jim Halpin, who showed them how to make St Bridget’s Crosses. It was a great experience for the children.

              The Office of the Ombudsman for Children has recently published a report titled ‘Dealing with Bullying in Schools’. It may be viewed using the link

              I would like to thank all the parents who have co operated with parking while the construction of the Resource Centre goes ahead. However, some parents are parking in bus areas, disabled parking spots and the yellow box in front of the school gate. This has caused serious problems. It is also important to leave a clear area between the Staff parking area and the car parks as children have to walk across this space. Thanks to parents who are availing of the Church car park.

           I wish to remind parents that school will close on Thursday and Friday of next week for mid term break.


Gach dea-ghuí,




J. Lyons