Friday, October 18, 2013

Problem of the Day Friday



Problem of the Day


                                                  Friday October 18th. 2013.


Rang a haon agus a dó


Fill in the next 3 numbers in the sequence

3, 6, 9, -, -, -,


2, 5, 8, -,-,-,


20, 40, 60, -, -, -,


1, 3, 5, -,-,-,


Third and Fourth Classes


If December 1st, 2013 falls on a Sunday, on which day of the week will these days fall?

Christmas Day 2013?

St Stephen's Day 2013?

New Year's Day 2014?

We return to school on the first Monday of 2014. What date is that?


Rang a cúig agus a sé


There are three brothers in the Jones family. Their names are Bobby, John and Michael.  Bobby is the heaviest. John is the lightest. Bobby weighs 30 kg. more than Michael. Michael weighs 50 kg more than John.

Find the weight of each man.


Jim and Jack have €12 in total. Jim has three times as much as Jack.

How much money has each boy?