Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Active School Week

Dear Parents,

                    We are delighted to announce that Ballybrown NS will celebrate its very first Active Week from June 15th -19th. Children will participate in a variety of activities throughout the week including orienteering, maths trails, and obstacle courses.


                   On Tuesday 16th, Yvonne Deegan will host a Healthy Food Demonstration for parents at 7p.m. in the school hall. If you are interested in attending, please reserve your place by ringing the school before Friday 12th June. The children from 3rd to 6th class will also be attending a demonstration from Yvonne on Friday 19th during the school day.


                   On Wednesday 17th, all students from Junior Infants to sixth class will partake in a walk from the school to the surrounding locality. We would appreciate any parent volunteers to help on this date to ensure everyone has a safe and enjoyable trip. We hope to leave the school at approximately 11.30 am. If you are available at this time, please let Rosemarie know as soon as possible. Children will need high visibility jackets for the walk. If you have these jackets at home, please bring them to school as we only have a limited supply.


                On Thursday 18th, the school will hold its Non-Competitive Sports Day. In the afternoon children will partake in a Zumba class with instructor Darren Nash.


                Each night, children will receive Active Homework which they can complete at home on their own or with family and friends. Don't worry if the weather is bad, the children can get active by hoovering, sweeping or doing other household chores! Please encourage as much physical activity as possible during this week.


             Remember to wear school tracksuit / shorts and comfy shoes for the week and prepare to be very active! Thank you for your support in advance. 



Katie Gibbons                                 Stephen Hodnett


                    Active Week co-ordinators