Monday, October 12, 2015

Problem of the Day Monday October 12th.

Problem of the Day

Monday October 12th.


1st & 2nd classes:     Which numbers come next? 3, 6, 9, - , - .


An apple costs 6c. An orange costs 5c.


How much for 2 apples?

How much for 3 oranges?

How much for 3 apples and 2 oranges?



3rd & 4th classes: The score in the County Hurling final yesterday was Na Piarsaigh 1-22: Patrickswell 4-12


(a)   Which team won and by how much?

(b)  Which team got more scores, Patrickswell or Na Piarsaigh?

(c)   It is 50 years since Patrickswell won their first County title. What year was that?



5th & 6th classes:

 One toffee apple needs: 1 stick, 100g of sugar, 1 apple


50 sticks cost €6.25
1kg of sugar costs €0.99
100 apples cost €22.50

Children buy just enough sticks, sugar and apples to make 100 toffee apples. They sell all 100 toffee apples for €1 each. The profits go to charity.


How much money goes to charity?