Thursday, December 12, 2019

A letter from Fr Mike

A letter from Fr Mike re Advent  2019

Dear Parents,

                      For some time I have wondered about the wisdom in providing the opportunity of going to Confession in school. On reflection I believe it is best if the decision about going to Confession is home based .  Much of our preparation centres around family.

Pope Francis said the 3 phrases most helpful for family life are :

Please          Thank you    I'm sorry.

In preparing for Confession, each of us is asked to reflect on the occasions for which we need to say I'm sorry. This reflection can remind us of our need for the healing  forgiveness and the help we receive from this sacrament.

  I'm sorry coming from the heart  brings great healing and peace of mind.

 I'm sorry is also a cry for help. Help to the Holy Spirit so that we can live more like Jesus.

At a deeper level when we experience God's forgiveness we can more easily forgive ourselves which is often a challenge especially in teenage and adult life.

Between now and Christmas there will be many opportunities for going to confession.

Going as family would have a huge witness value.

In Limerick, there are confessions in the  Redemptorists Church and in the

Augustinians,   O  Connell Street  each day.

In  our pastoral area, there will be confessions in Raheen church on Monday Dec 16

from  7.30 p.m. to 8.15 p.m.  A number of local priests will attend.

After evening Mass on Saturday 14th. There will be some visiting priests available for confession…in Patrickswell and Ballybrown.

I will be available  for confessions as follows

Patrickswell: Thursday   19th   from    6  to  7 and    Saturday   21st.   from   2  to   3p.m.

Ballybrown: Wed  18th.    from 6 30 p.m.  to  7. 30 p.m. and      Saturday   21st. from     3.30  to  4.30  p.m.