Monday, March 30, 2020

Mr Keoghan's Fourth class Week 3

Mr. Keoghan 4th class



Spellbound – Unit 26

Complete all the exercises.


Starlight (4th)

 Read Unit 10a 'Comparing Lives'  pg 110-112. Complete questions A,B and C pg 113 and questions D and E pg 114 orally.


Project: Select a country around the world. Discuss food, climate, money and tourist attractions.


Story Writing: 'Go Wild' Competition 'We Love Books'

'Write Here' handwriting: Next two pages


Maths Challenge 4: Next two tests


Mathemagic 4

Look Back Qs 1-10 pg 130

Revise Time/Multiplication/Division/Fractions

Maths games online: IXL,


Bua na Cainte 4

Page 118 Bi ag leamh. Write Qs 1-6 in Irish copy

P119 An Nuacht – Read three times. Discuss their weekend in Irish at home.


Window on the World Geography 4

Chp 12 Our Planet in Space

Complete table monitoring sunrise and sunset. 

Discuss the different gas and rocky planets in the solar system.

Create a planet of your choice using a balloon and paper mache.