Monday, March 30, 2020

Mrs Costelloe's Third class

Mrs. Costelloe 3rd Class

30/3/20- 3/4/20


Spellbound: Unit 26 pgs 54-55




Read poem on pg 182

Complete questions A & B orally on pg 183

Use English copies pg 184: Vocabulary and Proofreading



Write Here handwriting: complete 2 pages



Maths Challenge Test 95-98



Take this week to revise anything that you find more difficult. Some good problem solving questions, games etc can be found on:



Revise tables (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division)

Play card games (5 lives etc)



Bua na Cainte  

Read story Donhnach Casca (Easter Sunday) pg 193

Follow the instructions as best you can pg 193



Window on the World

Our Planet in Space Revise pgs 72-74


Creative Time pg 75. Follow the instructions to create your own shadow animals.


·         Work to be completed over the course of 5 days

·         Please respect all workbooks/ book rental books

·         Email me if you have any questions;