Friday, April 3, 2020

End of Term Message

Dear parents, 
                      We are living in unprecedented times. Since the Government announced on March 12th that schools would close with immediate effect, all elements of society are struggling to come to terms with the new realities and the uncertainty that every new day brings. Children have had to come to terms with new ways of learning. I am in daily contact with teachers and all staff members as we endeavour to ensure continuity of education in difficult circumstances. One size does not fit all. One or both parents may be working from home  or temporarily not working at all. Access to technology may be limited or non-existent. There may be family members in poor health. There may be young children who are not yet attending school and older children endeavouring to prepare for State Exams that may or may not take place.  At this point, we do not know if schools will reopen on April 20th but it appears unlikely. The teachers are in regular contact with me and with each other as they plan ahead for next term. We are looking at a variety of ways to engage with families bearing in mind all the other external factors  at this time.  I hope everybody in the school community will enjoy the next fortnight as  best they can. Please check the school website as the new term approaches. We regularly  post items of interest on the school Twitter account @BallybrownNS. This is accessible through the website. 
                 I look forward to the day when school will echo to the sound of children's voices. It will come again.
J. Lyons