Wednesday, June 3, 2020

TG4: Cúla 4 ar Scoil

Cúla4 ar Scoil Week 8 – The Environment – (8th-12th June)

This week's theme ' The Environment' observes and explores the different ways in which plant and animal behaviour is influenced by, or adapted to, environmental conditions.

Fiachra will identify the basic requirements of living things for survival and look at the interdependence between plants and animals in local and other habitats. He will introduce the concept of food chains and webs. He will illustrate the vital role of bees to our ecosystem and to food production and encourage us to become more active in looking after our environment.

Caitríona will help us describe animals in relation to their diet, habitats and how they move. She will be demonstrating how Arctic animals' thick layer of blubber allows them to survive in one of the most extreme climates in the world. She will explore the role of colour and pattern in protecting certain animals by camouflaging them and show us how to use a paintbrush and sponge to recreate some of these patterns. Caitríona will also identify some simple recycling and reusing strategies to protect, preserve and improve our local environment.

In Maths, Caitríona will be using sand, water and a variety of standard and non-standard units to explore Capacity. Fiachra will collect data on rainfall and living things in his own garden and show us how to record this data using a graph and pie chart.