Friday, January 13, 2017

Literacy Lift Off


Dear Parent(s),

Ms Keyes's class will be commencing Literacy Lift Off Monday 16th January 2017.

Literacy Lift Off is a daily Literacy initiative where four Resource teachers work in collaboration with Ms. Keyes  for four weeks in five rotating sessions on a range of literacy activities. The initiative will run from Monday to Thursday.  The activities include

       Re-reading familiar books to build fluency and confidence

       Being introduced to and attempting to read a new book

       Composing and writing their own messages

       Exploring how words work using magnetic letters and whiteboards.


We ask you to support us with this initiative by

       making sure that your child attends school every day if possible.

       showing an interest in your child's reading and encouraging him/her to read the books they bring home each day.

       asking them questions about the story and characters.

       asking them to be a word detective and find certain words, help them with tricky words etc

       listening to your child read their sentence in their writing book/sheet.


It is essential that your child's folder is returned every day as the book will be needed at one of the stations the next day.

We expect that this homework should only take a maximum of 5 to 10 minutes. It is really important that your child feels that they have your support as this is something they will be doing daily and will want you to share in their success.

Your support in this is very much appreciated.

Special thanks must go to the Parents Association for their generous contribution towards the cost of the books.

Yours sincerely,


The Literacy Lift Off Team