Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Class arrangements School year 2017-2018

School reopens for pupils on Thursday August 31st. at 9.15 a.m.

Class Arrangements 2017-2018



 Junior  & Senior Infants:


Class A: Ms Keyes                                                                      

Class B:  Mrs Fitzgerald 

Class C:  Ms Phoebe Neville


Mrs Fitzgerald is on Maternity Leave until January. The teacher in the interim will be Ms Kim Burke.                                                          




First Class: Mrs Hodgins                                                                                                  

Second Class: Ms Day


Ms Day is on Maternity Leave until December. The teacher in the interim will be Ms Ciara Griffin.                                                                



First & Second (combined): Mr Sheehy                                                     



Third Class: Mr Lordan                                                                


Fourth Class:  Mrs Ivess                                               


Third & Fourth (combined): Mr Fergal Keoghan


Fifth Class:   Ms Gibbons                                                          


Sixth Class:   Mr Séamus Barry                                                             




Special Education Needs: Ms Sheila Hayes, Mrs Bríd Millar, Ms Gormlaith Joyce, Mrs Maeve Hanly.