Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Problem of the Day Wednesday

Problem of the Day


                                                  Wednesday October 17th. 2018.


Rang a haon agus a dó


If a boy ate 6 grapes every morning, how many would he eat in a week?


A girl bought 3 apples for 20 cent each and 2 oranges for 30 cent each. She had 80 cent left. How much money had she when she entered the shop?



Third and Fourth Classes


A cup of tea costs €1. A latte costs €1.50. How much for two teas and two lattes? How much change would you have left if you started with €10.

Which is dearer 4 lattes or 5 teas?



Rang a Cúig agus a sé


75% of the children in Sixth Class have pets. 24 children have pets. How many children in the class?

Megan has 6 coins. One third of her coins are 10c coins. The value of the 10 cent coins is equal to 1/8 of the total value of all her coins. What coins has she?