Thursday, March 12, 2020

Homework for Junior Infants in Mrs Fitzgerald's room

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Over the course of the school closure we would ask that the children in Junior Infants complete the following, to the best of their ability. Focus on neat handwriting & colouring.

· Planet Maths Number Practice (pgs 21-33)

· Mrs Murphy Writing Copy 3 (one page a day)

· Continue reading "Fun at Home"; focus on learning new words (See wordlist),questioning & comprehension.

We would also suggest lots of 'free writing'. This involves drawing a picture & writing a sentence or a few words based on the picture. The spelling does not need to be correct. Children use 'free writing' to improve upon their phonics and to use familiar words.

Thanking You,

M. Fitzgerald.

Additional Home Ideas

I spy

Snap (cards)

Memory games eg. I went to the shop and bought a …

Write postcards/ birthday cards

Play board games (connect 4, Guess Who?, Snakes & Ladders)

Play rhyming games


Practise cutting skills

Play lego


Threading beads