Monday, March 30, 2020

Homework for Mr Barry's week 3

30th March  – 3rd April



Ø  Leigh sa Bhaile - Breithla Sophie 75, Fogra 76, Teilifis 77, Margadh ar Laethanta Saoire 78.

Ø  Litriu – 'focloir' Leigh sa Bhaile


Starlight – Unit 10a Page 110. Frida Kahlo (Full Unit)

Spellwell – Week 28

Spellings – Highlighted Words from Starlight stories (write the meanings into your hardback copy)


Matamagic – Chapter 33 (Look Back) Pages 141, 142

Master Your Maths – Week 28


Research information about the river Nile. For example. River length, countries it passes through, wildlife that depend on it, importance to farming, the Aswan Dam etc.



Windows on the World – Chapter 13 Page 100. Explore women that have changed the world and made a difference. Write 10 facts about a woman of your choice and explain what they did and how their actions made a positive change to the world.

Examples: Marie Curie, Mother Teresa, Rosa Parks, Mary Robinson, JK Rowling or any other woman that you feel would be appropriate


Exercise for at least 30 minutes every day.

Science – Explore different types of forces. Push, Pull, friction, air resistance and where you see them in your everyday lives.





Some useful educational links (Listen to Irish stories online) - scéalta as Gaeilge do pháistí ar Soundcloud