Monday, March 30, 2020

Mr Walsh's class

Work for School Closure
5th & 6th Class – Mr. Walsh

Week 3
1. Maths: Maths Worksheets based on topics we have covered.  To be completed on the sheet. Will be sent by email.

2. LSB: Pgs. 80 & 81

3. Gaeilge: Write out the Verb Ceannaigh in the A.C. & A.L. in HB Copy. Will be sent by email.

4. Novel: Chs. 10 & 11 & How has Willie changed so far? (At least 1  page)

5. Music: Gavin James – i gConaí: Words and Music on Youtube. To be learned off fully.

6. Tables: Top Marks Daily 10

7. Surname Research: Research and write about your surname. To be done on an A4 sheet. Use the internet to help you!

8. Family Tree: Continue work. Use websites such as for help.

9. Study: Geography: Ch. 6 & Make notes in HB.
                  History: Ch. 8 & Make notes in HB.