Monday, March 30, 2020

Mrs Walsh's class: rang a cúig

30th March - 3rd April



Spellwell page 56 (Spellings and activities)


Reading – Final Chapter Kensukes Kingdom


Book Review of the book you have been reading- Choose the format of the book review yourself


Create a Comic Strip for Kensukes Kingdom ( English Copy)



Litriú – An Teilifís – Seachtain 2 (Look up meanings)


Léigh sa Bhaile lch 86-88 (Léigh + learn foclóir)


Béal Beo

Léigh lch 157-158


lch 160 (Both activities- Gaeilge Copy)


Go through the other activities in this chapter orally. Listen to the CD where possible.


Master your Maths wk 26 ( All tests and Friday)


Mathemagic pg 144



Project Work Continued


Read a book of choice


Grow in Love read pages 78-81