Friday, March 13, 2020

Homework for Mr Keoghan's class

Mr. Keoghan 3rdclass



(3rd) English spellings workbook –unit 24

Complete all exercises.



Starlight (3rd)

Read Unit 6a Pg 66-68 'Cogmos- Your Amazing Robot Friend'

Complete (orally) questions A,B and C pg 69 and questions D and E


In your English copy write your own sentences using each word in the vocabulary section C (write a synonym).


Story Writing: 'Go Wild' 'We Love Books' RTE Competition


'Write Here' handwriting: Next two pages


Write an explanation piece of writing of your choice in your hardback. E.g. How a spider spins a web? Photosynthesis- how do plants grow?


Maths Challenge Test

3rd Maths Challenge Test 62-65


Mathemagic 3

Pg 141 Q1 & 2,

pg 142 Q2,3

pg 143 Qs 1-8

Revise tables/Maths games:


Bua na Cainte 

Page 115 'Ag Iascaireacht', Read the story three times and ask questions about the story

Q1-5 into Gaeilge copy


Transport Read Page 78-81

Do questions 1-7 page 82 orally

Project on Transport: Transport around the world




English spellings workbook –unit  25

Complete all exercises


Starlight Read Unit 6b The Robotic Animals Exhibition Pg 72-75

Complete questions A,B and C pg 75 and questions D and E pg 76 orally.


Narrative Writing: Write a story about titled the 'The Invasion' in your hardback (Remember to use paragraphs, capital letters etc.)


Story Writing: 'Go Wild' Competition 'We Love Books'

'Write Here' handwriting: Next two pages


Maths Challenge Test 66-70


Mathemagic 3

3D Shapes

Make the listed shapes in Q1, pg 43 out of toothpicks and blu tack.

Pg 44 Complete table on 3D shapes and Q 1 +2 pg 45

pg 144 Puzzles

Pg 128 Look Back Qs 1-7

Revise tables/Maths games:


Page 116 Read and learn the poem 'Ag Iascairecht'

Page 117 Cluiche Cartaí and write out Qs 1-10 in Irish copy.


Pictures from the Past Read pages 64-66 – Discuss the pictures and the questions with someone at home

Interview a grandparent (or parent) in the family about life long ago in Ireland. Questions about games played long ago, life in school etc