Thursday, March 12, 2020

Homework for Mr Tuohy Second Class


12 March 2020 2nd class


Dear Parents,

Below is a list of work your child can do during the period of school closures. These are tasks that were planned for homework or school. I'd also encourage some reading as well from any book or text daily if possible. I've told the class to complete small amounts daily Mon-Fri rather than a bulk of work. This will help to keep routine and reinforce learning during this difficult period.



J Tuohy


Master Your Maths 2 week 26, 27,28 p 57-61 Test 24, 25, 26


Busy at Maths 2 p124-129


Bua na Cainte p 57, 64


Skills Book 2 p73,88,89,90,96,97


Reader p 22-40 (Ask questions about the story as your child reads)


Grow in Love p 30-33


Small World 2 P 52-54 p40-46