Thursday, February 5, 2015

Health Promoting School news

What's happening with Health Promoting Schools?


In addition to regular PE classes, here's a taste of what's going on.


Junior and Senior  Infants are running three laps of the big yard every day after sos.


First class are running four laps of the Big Yard, and, after a short rest, run another two laps!


2nd class are running laps of the basketball court every day. Currently we are at 7 laps

3rd class are running for five to ten minutes every day, completing busy breaks activities on wet and icy days and swimming  every 
Wednesday in Askeaton Leisure Centre.


4th class are running for 10 minutes each day.


5th class are running for 16 minutes each day.


 6th class are running every day Monday to Friday- we started off with running for 5 minutes and now have increased to 8 minutes, this week. Next week we will be running for 9 minutes. We are also doing shuttle runs at the end of the sessions on Monday and Wednesday