Friday, May 8, 2015

Book Rental

Book Rental 2015-2016




Dear Parents


We are delighted to announce that Ballybrown N.S. will continue to operate our book rental scheme for the coming year. We have received extremely positive feedback from parents to date regarding the scheme.


The main aim of the scheme is and always will be to reduce the costs for parents of purchasing textbooks. The fee for the upcoming year 2015/2016 will be €30.


The books available from the school on the book rental scheme are


Bun go Barr                                                    


Windows on the world history            

Class Novel

Windows on the world geography                   

Reading zone

Alive O book (not workbook)


Parents must choose to rent all 7 books or none. It is not practical to mix and match.


We will collect book rental fees from May 11th to May 15th only. Please send the required payment in a sealed envelope with this completed, signed form and the child's name and class written on the outside of the envelope.


All books will be ready in your child's classroom when school re-opens in Sept 2015


In order to reduce costs, the school would like to purchase some of your children's books. We are offering €15 in total for Bun go Barr, Mathemagic and Reading Zone book/s.


If you would like to sell these books please bring them to your class teacher on May 18th /19th/20th ONLY, where you will receive payment for them. Your child will retain these books until the end of term, when the teacher will then collect them.





J. Lyons